The TASTE will operate under a color coded festival warning system. A threat can consist of weather, potential weather, or any emergency situation requiring the contingency plan to go into effect. A current TASTE color code will be displayed from each ticket booth, through FREE AMG Text/Email Alerts, and, in most cases, shown on the Jumbo-Tron.


No Threats – Normal Operations


Possible Threats – Severe storms are within 100 miles of the TASTE and tracking toward the Lafayette area. During a code Yellow, stage crews will be put on a low level alert.


Likely Threats – Severe storms are within 50 miles of the TASTE and tracking toward the Lafayette area or any information received from emergency agencies of a possible civil disturbance. During a code Orange, TASTE and emergency officials will convene at the TEMA Mobile Command Center to monitor the situation. A broadcast from the Jumbo-Tron and the TASTE broadcast network will be made during a code Orange informing people of the potential threat. Stage crews will be put on a high level alert.


Imminent Threats – Severe storms are less than 20 miles from the TASTE and tracking toward downtown or any public disturbance (fire,shots fired, chemical spill, etc.). A code Red will necessitate suspension of the TASTE until such time that all emergency agencies affected and TASTE officials determine the TASTE can resume safely. Stage crews will shutdown stages. Restaurants will cease operations. A code Red broadcast will be made on the TASTE broadcast network prior to stage shutdown. The Jumbo-Tron will not be available as it will be lowered and turned off for safety reasons. The code Red call will be made with enough time to allow emergency officials the opportunity to help direct people in a safe, orderly, and expeditious manner to safety. TASTE and emergency officials will not direct people to any specific area but will allow enough time for people to return to their vehicles or seek shelter on their own.

Extra Information:

  • The TASTE Jumbo-tron, located at 3rd and Main Streets, will feature special Safety Alerts.
  • TASTE Text Message/Email Alerts are FREE: SIGN UP HERE
  • Nixle Alerts from local Emergency Official are FREE: SIGN UP HERE
  • The First Aid Tent is located near the corner of 2nd & Ferry Streets and the Depot Stage.
  • The TASTE Lost & Found is located near the intersection of 5th & Main Streets, at Gate 5.
  • These items are not allowed inside TASTE grounds:
    • Pets (except assistance animals)
    • Glass containers
    • Skates or skateboards
    • Non-festival food or drink
    • Bicycles (Bicycle Racks located outside Gates 2, 3, & 5)
    • Backpacks