Hometown: West Lafayette, IN

ZINE SCENE: DIY Magazine Making

Hands-on Activity
TASTE Marquis Live Art Zone (4th & Main Streets)

Create your own zine! From stickers and drawings to collage and poems, make sure you can BRAG about your MAG! WLPL and a resident artist will be on hand to help out.
The West Lafayette Public Library was founded in 1921 by the League of Women Voters. As stated in the founding document, a copy of which exists in the board meeting minutes books, the library was created based on an interest of a large number of citizens in West Lafayette. For over 80 years the library has continued to serve the needs of West Lafayette community members, Purdue students, and others. Currently, the library is located on the corner of Chauncey and Columbia Street in Chauncey Village in downtown West Lafayette. The library building project includes a new parking garage to make parking and access easy for library patrons.

West Lafayette Public Library Website
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